I think it was in 2009 - my husband, kids and I flew to Vancouver Island to visit my grandma & aunt. I went to my aunt's house and discovered Fiestaware. Whether she had it the previous times I'd be there, I can't remember. But, this trip in particular locked in my obsession with collecting dishes. Her open kitchen - with door-less cupboards and endless bright, beautiful, colorful dishes filled me with want. She went on to explain all about the American based Homer Laughlin company, including its use of radioactive glazes in the 1930's - and how some of those pieces could still be found today. How Fiestaware is a collectors item. How it's still made today and can be found in thrift shops, and rummage sales....and I was HOOKED!

I immediately came home and started looking, on-line, thrifting, rummaging - and nothing. Then one day, I came home to 4 HUGE boxes on my back porch - and my Aunt graciously began my collection for me. And ever since then, I haven't stopped looking, collecting, hording...haha!

Recently, I decided to go ahead and try to get every color ever produced in the ring handled mug, known as the Tom and Jerry. It didn't really take me long - but it did cost a little bit of money! I built a beautiful shelf to display them. During my hunt to find all the colors, I realized that there are some people out there that aren't sure what colors they have. I purchased a vintage green mug - hoping to finalize my collection - and to my surprise, ended up with the much coveted and highly priced, Medium Green mug. So, I decided to catalog the colors, because I love things, and collecting, and sorting and organizing. And taking pictures!