This isn't your ordinary prep guide. This is me, you and real talk.

Tell me your fears! One thing I've been told I'm good at, is making people feel comfortable around me. So...have you been wanting to do boudoir but don't know HOW to do it? Are you worried you don't have anything to wear? Do you have a little extra sumth'n sumth'n around your mid section that makes you feel self conscious? Do you see other boudoir photos and think they MUST be models...I can't look like that?


  • You don't need to know how to pose. I will direct you from head to toe to fingertips. It doesn't hurt to practice in the mirror, get your ANTM on, and pop a hip and try out those poses before your shoot.
  • Don't have a closet full of sexy underwear? Who does??!! I'm not shooting for a Victoria's Secret catalogue - I want to make you FEEL and LOOK super hot in your everyday ordinary. Think Fruit of the Loom catalogue instead. A modified white t-shirt, a simple bra/panty set with a piece of sheer fabric & the right lighting & posing - we can make MAGIC. Your partner's button down....UNbuttoned allllllll the way down. How you feel will be reflected back to the viewer in these images, and I will work hard to bring out that powerful woman in you!
  • Puff / bumps / marks?? One word: PHOTOSHOP. That's right, girl. I gotchu!! If I need to pinch, tuck or erase something to bring an already 100% to a 150%, then I'll do it. Don't worry....posing & styling will also help with this.
  • You CAN look those other girls in boudoir photos....and you WILL!!


What I want for you.....

  • An experience you'll love and remember for a long time
  • Photos that you'll look at and think DAAAAYUM!!!
  • to walk into my studio knowing that I will work my ass off to make sure you look & feel your best
  • to walk out of my studio LOVING yourself

So!!! What are ya wait'n for?? Shoot me a message and let's make it happen!