LakeView Tech

Hannah was so much fun to work with!!! As a senior at Kenosha's LakeView Technology Academy, she came to me as a referral from one of her friends who had also gotten their senior pics with me.

It was a chilly, windy day....but that certainly didn't stop us from making the best out of our time and having a blast! We settled on Southport Beach House for the photos, because of the variety. I love using the brick wall, and unique architecture to create interesting photos, as well as the rocky Lake Michigan shorline.  Starting out just south of the the beach house, we took a walk through the woods close to the Kenosha Sand Dunes. I thought that the overgrown natural grass and plants would look great with her outfit & hair being natural & earthy toned. The lighting was perfect - a bit of cloud coverage with the sun peaking through (and not overpowering everything) - so we were able to make some pretty incredible pictures there.

I learned that Hannah intends to go to school for engineering in southern Illinois, and has spent most of her young life in gymnastics at SCAMPS. How cool is that!

Hannah was so chill, and up for anything, which made finishing off her shoot with her cargo camo pants, doc martin boots and black top on the rocks by the beach an epic ending to our shoot.

Enjoy the photos!!