Debbie and Bob. These two are amazing - and fun - and adorable - and loved by many. It's no wonder why, their smiles and energy are infectious! 

They first met at a pub, where Bob noticed Debbie in her scrubs, and approached her asking about her profession. As a teacher in sports medicine, he'd hoped that she would be able to speak to his students about her job. I suspect that his intention was to get her out on a date...and it seems as though I'm right. Because he asked her out to dinner under the ruse of 'thanking' her for speaking to his class. Not something he does for any other guest speakers.

Debbie and Bob were full of laughs and jokes during our engagement session, and the fun continued on their wedding day. They don't take things too seriously, and spending time with friends is one of their favorite things to do.

Ceremony & Reception held at Thunderhawk Golf Club

Flowers by Trellis Flowers

DJ - Grand DJ Entertainment