Do you want it ALL?

This is everything you can imagine, wrapped into one beautiful package. I've photographed over 150 weddings, and I've always imagined what it would be like to provide one bride with the ULTIMATE wedding coverage. So, I got out my fancy journal and markers and I started writing down what it would include, and the result is here in this blog. Do I expect it to be for everyone? Nope - but I'm confident that there will be someone who will want this so bad, they'll make it happen.

So let's start at the beginning, shall we? You're engaged, and you start looking for a wedding photographer.  You want someone who's fun, has great ideas, can work under pressure, will help you feel relaxed and at ease on your big day - and will ultimately give you gorgeous images to cherish forever.  You stumble upon my website - and you fall in love. Awesome... 

Next, we meet, we talk about your day, your plans, your vision - how the two of you met....we sign a contract - get a deposit and I'm all yours. 

But wait...there's more.

You want some engagement photos....YES! Let's head downtown (wherever), or to a park, or to the lake - let's make some beautiful & fun portraits. I'll show you what it'll be like to work with me on your wedding day. And because you love your photos so much - you get a 10x10 photobook containing your favorite images that will be used on your wedding day for guests to sign and leave you love notes.  This book will sit on your coffee table, or desk, and you'll be able to enjoy it for many years.

Brides - do you want to give your spouse to be a little something special the night before your wedding? Let me help you with that! We will custom design your own personal dream boudoir shoot, complete with professional hair & makeup, outfit consultation and an album containing your favorite photos to give as a gift.

On your wedding day - you will have 10 hours of photography coverage from two wedding photographers. The final, edited gallery will contain the most beautiful photos - and not only will you receive them on a USB with printing release, but you'll also receive a 10x8 softcover proof book of all the images.  In addition to that, you'll receive a 30 page, 10x10 heirloom wedding album, custom designed by me, and two 8x8 hardcover duplicate albums to give to your parents as a gift.  AND you can choose your all time favorite photo to have blown up into a 20x30 canvas for your wall at home. 

We aren't done yet!!!

After the wedding day - you'll also have the opportunity to rock the dress again. This session would take place with in 12 months from your wedding day, and you can both get dressed up again if you wish, and we can go do some super fun portraits. I've always wanted to photograph a bride in her dress in the lake - or in a pool - or in the sand - or just hanging out in a restaurant like 'no big deal, just eating a burger'.  Have a water balloon fight!  Or - let's head out in the exact opposite season of your wedding and get some gorgeous portraits at a different time of year. 


Does this sound like the BEST wedding package ever? I think so.

What's the cost? $9600.  That's all in. Not a penny more. And, because this is me we're talking about...I'm fairly certain you *might* find extra goodies in your mailbox from time to time through out our time together. 

Looking forward to making all your dreams come true!