As women, mothers, and wives – often times we may find ourselves avoiding the camera. Or even accepting a fuzzy cell phone photo of ourselves, because it’s not a ‘professional photo’ that we went out and had taken on purpose. This form of self-hate is unacceptable, and I’m on a mission to get women to learn how to love themselves again and find the value in a gorgeous portrait.
First question you might ask – “What would I do with a bunch of photos of myself?”
The simple answer? Love them.
The long answer? Look at them every time you need a reminder of your beautiful self. Everyone deserves to exist in photographs, and if you’re going to do so – you might as well do it looking absolutely stunning. For those mothers out there – one day your children will be looking for photos of you – what is it they’re going to find? This “bunch of photos” will be absolutely priceless to those who love you the most.
You might say – “Okay, you’ve got a point, Shannon. But I hate how I look in photos. I’m not photogenic at all.”
I’m glad you mentioned that. Because, making you look photogenic is MY job. You only need to trust me to pose & direct you in a flattering way to create the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself. How comfortable you are in front of the camera determines how photogenic you become…and again – that is MY job.  And when you see the final images, if you don’t like them – you don’t have to buy them!
“Hmmm, interesting – this sounds expensive. Why should I spend this kind of money on myself?”
You’ll get the expertise of a professional photographer, as well as a a professional hair and make up artist to transform you for a day of self love. Most luxury items are expensive – and they are worth it. YOU are worth it, and you deserve to treat yourself. How much you spend is entirely up to you, so it doesn’t have to be expensive. Although, fair warning – you will probably love all the photos and want them all!
“My partner will never go for this. How can I convince them this is worth it?”
Invite them to experience the shoot with you! They can partake in the entire session to watch you enjoy the experience and see how much it means to you, or they can join in midway through the shoot – and you’ll end up getting some gorgeous images of the two of you together! If you have children – you can even include them for some beautiful family portraits while you’re all glamoured up! Plan for a date night & a babysitter if needed – because you’re going to look and feel incredible!
Payment plans are always an option too!
“Maybe if I were younger….thinner….in my prime…”
Hey – I get it. We’re not getting any younger, and it’s tough to embrace and love our NOW selves. But the truth is, there is no better time than now to experience a portrait session. Celebrate you, and all that it’s taken to get you to this point in your life. You are loved, and it’s time to embrace it!
I invite you to experience a portrait session with me, and I will show you your most beautiful self in return. Get in touch here!