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1 year documentary family plan.

It’s Christmas break, and you’re snuggling with your precious children by the fire (or handling a meltdown in a giant pile of unplayed with toys). On your coffee table, sits a beautiful photo book. Inside, frozen for all of time, is page after page of beautiful raw moments of your family from several days in the past year. On your wall, framed and looking like an oil painting, is a gorgeous portrait of you and every part of your heart.

This is not your average family photo session. This is the creation of memories and the documentation of family growth over the span of a year. This is a luxury item, similar to a high priced purse, pair of designer shoes, or other statement piece you’ve budgeted for because the value is actually invaluable to you.

This is unlike anything you can get anywhere else, and in my heart of hearts, I KNOW that it’s absolutely worth it.

  • Four relaxed, documentary photo shoots per year – in home or on location. One studio portrait session with hair & make up services and styling consultation.
  • 40 page, hard cover photo book. Lay flat with 20 images from each documentary shoot.
  • 20×24 framed portrait from studio shoot
  • USB with digital files from all final images in book
  • 12 image folio box containing 12 matted prints from studio shoot
  • Bonus video slideshow containing video clips & stills from all 5 shoots.
    • $2600 + tx

In home documentary shoot In home documentary shoot In home documentary shoot Studio Portrait Shoot


Can we have posed photos during the documentary shoots?

YES, absolutely!

Can we choose the images for the books?

This is a full service product. I would like you to put your full trust in me to capture your family in the best way I can, and provide you with a complete, cohesive story telling book of your year. For this reason, I will maintain full creative control over the design & image choice.

Do we get all the digital images?

You will receive all final images from each documentary session – chosen by myself – along with the printing release. There MAY be more than the 20 images chosen for the book (BONUS!)

Who has time for FIVE photo sessions a year?

You actually only need to make time for one of them. And that is the studio portrait shoot. The rest consist of me tagging along with you on a regular day. The four documentary shoots are about 1 hour each, and can be during after school routine, dinner time routine, bed time routine, wake up routine, a trip to the beach – the park – the store – your backyard. It’s raw, it’s real, it’s FOR YOU to stop time and bottle up the miracle of ordinary moments to remember forever.

Tell me about the studio shoot.

I will have a professional hair & make up artist available for Mom & anyone else in the family that needs it. During one of our documentary shoots, we can talk through styling for the studio shoot to help you prepare. These images will be retouched and you will choose your 12 favorites from a digital proofing gallery, as well as which one you’d like framed. You will receive the digital AND printed version of each of your favorite 12.

Do you have more documentary photo samples? I’m worried that my house is too….(small, messy, boring etc.)

Your home is where you are making memories. It is where your children have fallen in love with you, and will LOVE to look back at images of you all sharing ordinary moments together.

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