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SZP Referral Program

Word of mouth is one of the best ways to have ones business marketed.

Sharing your experience with friends and family who may be able to benefit from my services is extremely appreciated, and a high form of compliment.

To thank you for your praises and referrals, I would love to gift you something in return!

Here's how it works!

Tell everyone about your did you feel when working with me? How did you feel when you got your photos back? What was the overall service experience like? If you received product, what do you think of it? *Be sure to tell them to provide YOUR name as a referral when they contact me*

You AND the person you refer will benefit from this!

Referral Program for Clients

Rules & Redemption

When you refer a new client to me, THEY must provide your name when completing the contact form on my website. You cannot earn referral credits by emailing me after you see a client image posted on social media, to tell me you referred them. This is a hard rule. No exceptions.

Portrait clients. After they have booked & paid for their session, and I have delivered their images, you will each receive a $10 credit on your account with me, and an email notification will be sent to update you on your current rewards balance. There is no limit to the credit you can accumulate.

Wedding clients. If your referral reserved their wedding with me, you will be notified within a week after they've signed the contract, of your reward. They will also receive reward credit to be used toward a future purchase (cannot be applied to booked wedding package).

You may not transfer your reward credits to another person.

It is your responsibility to redeem your rewards. The only reminder email you will receive, will be when a new client you've referred to me completes a session and you earn new rewards.

**Referral information MUST be given to me on the contact form on my website. PLEASE be sure to relay this to every person you send my way**

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