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Real Estate: Professional Photos

Are you a South East Wisconsin or Lake County Illinois realtor looking to have your real estate listing stand out? Hiring a professional photographer will help with that.

Shannon Z Photography offers real estate photography services Monday through Friday in Wisconsin and Illinois for realtors and homeowners looking to sell privately.

Photography Equipment

I use professional equipment, including a wide angle lens and off camera lighting as needed to make sure I can get the best images of your real estate listing.

Scheduling a Real Estate Photoshoot

I am available during typical business hours, Monday through Friday to provide this service, and I usually request about 1 hour of time, depending on the size of the home. Daylight hours are best to showcase the inside of the homes in natural light.

Turn around time for image gallery is 24 hours.

Tips for Preparing the Home

Here are some great ways to get the best photos for your real estate listing:

  • Declutter (counter tops, tables and walls)
  • Ensure boxes, bins or totes are in storage
  • Remove family photos
  • Have the home professionally staged
  • Clean the carpets, touch up paint on the walls
  • Make sure beds are made and curtains are open
  • Have the garden & yard tidy
  • No cars in the driveway

Using my wide angle lens, I will capture multiple angles of each room, including the bathrooms. I also take a few angles of the exterior including both the front and back of the home. So everything inside and out should be clean and decluttered.

Communicate any special requests if necessary.


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