Grey Winter: Wedding Photos in Milwaukee
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Grey Winter: Wedding Photos in Milwaukee

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Milwaukee Skyline: A Winter Wedding

Chris & Kellie had been together nearly a decade and their engagement lasted five years. Chris proposed to Kellie while the two were on vacation in Seattle. Reason for the long engagement? They decided to wait until Kellie completed nursing school at MSOE in Milwaukee before planning their intimate Milwaukee Courthouse Wedding which you can see more photos by clicking that link.

With friends and family travelling from all over, it was a wonderful gathering and memorable day for the couple and their loved ones. The ceremony took place at the Milwaukee Court house, with all 31 people cozied into the Judges chambers during the quick nuptials. Afterward, we took some time to get some portraits of the two of them at some of their favorite landmarks in town, before reconnecting with the rest of the gang down at Harbor House Restaurant.

With Milwaukee's beautiful skyline lit up, and a front row view of Lake Michigan, Harbor House was the perfect choice for the Allen Wedding dinner party. The staff did an incredible job keeping guests fed and hydrated through out the night, and the meal was incredible. With a little help from the kitchen staff, we were able to source a speaker so that Kellie and Chris could have their first dance - K-Ci & Jojo, All My Life.

Wedding Photographers in Milwaukee Wisconsin have included the Milwaukee Art Museum in the backdrop of many wedding photographs. It's always a challenge to get creative with making a new composition of the statement architecture, but with this photograph, you can see I was able to get a different view from the Harbor House parking lot. Add to it, the wintery sky and gentle snow fall - I purposely darkened down the over all scene, then added a flash behind them to make them stand out from the background and highlight the snow, and added a flash in front to properly expose them.

Milwaukee Wisconsin Weather

How can we predict such a thing? It's near impossible! No matter the situation, I always love getting a few photos outdoors to document what Mother Nature has gifted to us on that particular day.

You'll remember it snowed on your wedding day, but a gorgeously lit and composed image that highlights the beauty of that snow? Leave that up to your photographer!

Same goes for rain, wind, bright sunshine or epic sunsets! Wedding Photographers in Milwaukee Wisconsin have endless opportunities to get outside and document your day in a way that will tell the true and full story of where you were married, what the weather was like that day, and most importantly - how you felt! I'm pretty sure that this photo of Kellie and Chris tells a pretty great story of their love, joy, as well as where they were and what the day looked like! I absolutely LOVE creating pieces like this for my clients to cherish.

Location: 550 N Harbor Dr, Milwaukee, WI 53202.

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