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Dog and Pet Photo

I'm so glad that you've stopped by to visit! I'm Shannon and these are my dogs.


When it comes to photography, I want to provide you with images that make you feel something.

Things I love when creating images....
  • great lighting
  • interesting lines, symmetry, framing for unique composition
  • humor
  • emotions (crying, laughing, etc.)
  • clients that trust me to give them something unique & fun

Are you newly engaged and up for a wild adventure?

Do you want your families love for each other (or silliness, or weirdness, or craziness) captured?

Pregnant and need to freeze the feeling & miraculous life your body is creating in a timeless and gorgeous way?

Is your baby not a baby anymore, but almost ready to venture off to college - but you need to bottle up all they are RIGHT NOW to hold onto before they leave the nest?

I'm your girl!! Not only do I LOVE capturing documentary/candid & lifestyle moments, I also love posing & lighting to create timeless pieces of art. Whatever your vision is - I'll work with you to bring it to life!

A bit about me...

🌍 I'm an introvert living in an extrovert world.

📗 I love reading, and my favorite book is by John Green

Shannon Working: Wedding Photographer

🤘 I've got tattoos - but I usually dress to cover them at weddings. Because = Grandma.

🍁 I'm Canadian, but became a US Citizen in February 2012.

Shannon: Photographer Photo

🍰 Cheesecake is awesome, and an accepted form of payment. (okay not really - but maybe...let's talk)

I love Grandmas. I also love people watching, and have a special interest in family dynamics.

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