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Lifestyle Newborn Sessions - In home

How to prepare your home

  • Clear the clutter
    • Newborns come with SO. MUCH. STUFF. It's pretty crazy, actually. To make the most out of your in home session, try to choose a room to keep all the 'stuff' in. Like a spare room, office, or one corner of your living room. This is mainly geared toward all those bulky gifts you might have received, pack n plays, car seats, swings, bouncies & highchairs.
  • Clean the Nursery
    • I love to capture the family in the baby's room. It's fresh, new, and won't look that way for long, so it's great to document it now. Put out any gifts, decor or homemade blankets that you might want to have in the photos.
  • Make your bed
    • I will likely use the master bedroom for some photos too. Especially if you have great lighting in there. The bed is a nice soft, safe space to get some images of baby alone, or of all of you snuggling baby together.
    • Clear the clutter here too! Bedside tables can gather items that you might not want in the photographs, so a quick sweep & tidy of the dressers or table tops will do wonders.
  • Moving Furniture
    • You don't need to do this...but if it's done easily, I might suggest it once I get there. Usually, that's only for shots in the living room. If there is a large window with beautiful light, I might suggest moving a chair, or turning a couch to make the most of that light,

How to prepare baby

  • If you're nursing, try to avoid new or spicey foods the day before that might upset babies tummy.
  • Plan a bottle or to nurse in the 20-30 minutes before the session so baby is full and happy.
  • If you have a particular outfit you'd like baby to be photographed in, you can either have them in it for when I arrive, or save it for midway through our shoot. I will likely just start photographing baby as soon as I arrive, as they are. We can then bring them down to a diaper and wrap them in fabrics for some images, and then we can change them into more wraps, or clothes you'd like to have them in. So no need to stress about this part..
  • Baby is boss! If they're hungry, you can feed them. If they're crying, you can soothe them. I'll be there to capture whatever happens, as it happens.
  • Baby acne, peeling skin or other blemishes? Don't worry, I will retouch baby's skin .

Tips for parents

  • If you have other children, pets, or you just want a bit of extra time to get a shower & put some make up on before the shoot....consider asking a friend or family member to come over to be an extra set of hands. It's not necessary, but it might make things a little easier on you. And if it's can get a bonus photo with them & baby. 😊
  • Dress to compliment your home decor. Sounds weird, but it sort of makes sense, right? And if all else fails, black or dark grey is my go to suggestion for tops with a nice pair of jeans. You don't want to wear anything that will compete for attention in a photo.
  • Don't apologize. For anything. It's your home - you live there, and you're inviting me in to capture a really amazing time in your life. If the dishes haven't been done, or the laundry isn't put away, or your carpets haven't been don't need to apologize. My job is to capture the beauty of your newest family member and the love you have for him or her, and that's what I will do without any judgement.

Thank you for choosing me to document this time in your life!

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