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Fine Art Maternity: Kenosha Photographer
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Maternity Portraits

If this is your first pregnancy, you'll likely start to feel more energetic as you come into your third trimester, which makes it a great time to get your maternity photos done!

We can talk about styles to see if studio or on location lifestyle session for maternity will suit you best. Spouses and children are always welcome to be apart of the shoot as well.

I have fabrics we can use for draping, otherwise you can find some gorgeous maternity dresses on line. Your body is amazing, and doing something miraculous. Some clients want to show this off in it's entirety, depending on your comfort level, we can also do semi-nude portraits in an artistic way.

My Approach to the Art

I'm ever inspired by the incredible work other photographers and artists produce. Instagram is a great source of inspiration for me, and there are times where I see an image, and it really resonates with my creative side. The idea morphs into something that I can call my own, and sometimes, it changes even more when I have a client in front of me.

Fine art maternity portraits in my home studio are where the magic can happen! I always begin shoots like this modestly, and then move into more experimental creation of images using light, fabrics and the beautiful curves of your growing body.

My vision is to showcase the beauty of your miraculous body, and translate the strength & love you have for your child into a piece of art.

Fine art nude maternity portraits are definitely something we can create for you! Using light and some direction with posing - we can absolutely make a beautiful keepsake image.

I find that when I have clients who come to me not knowing what exactly it is that they want, but they know they want something creative - I am able to push myself to make something new and customized just for them. Not all clients want their images shared on line, and I do respect privacy in these instances, but I have created some of my best and most prideful pieces of artwork for people who give me this creative control.

For anyone who has worked with me - they've seen the chaos. My studio is modest. I don't use a lot of fluff and stuff. By the end of a shoot, I'm sweaty and I have v-flats, fabric and furniture all over the place- but I wouldn't have it any other way! I do my best when I don't have a plan and I'm forced to make something out of nothing but a willing subject.

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