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Newborn Girl: Baby Props

Preparing for a newborn studio session

  • Scheduled for the first few weeks after birth
  • Day before the session, if nursing, avoid new or spicey foods that might upset baby's tummy
  • Parents / siblings should wear solid, neutral colors & arrive photo ready
  • Bring a bottle, or be ready to nurse upon arrival or during the session to help calm or soothe baby if they become fussy
  • A full baby is a happy baby! Feeding at the start, just before or during the sessions is fine! Baby is the boss, so don't stress if it's not quite feeding time when our session starts
  • Don't forget the diaper bag with extra diapers & wipes
  • Bring homemade blankets, any props (sonogram, signs, hats, headbands, etc.) you might want baby photographed with
  • Baby acne, peeling skin or other blemishes? Don't worry, I will retouch baby's skin
  • If anyone is showing signs of illness, please stay home. This is for your own protection as well as the protection of other clients who may enter my studio after you
  • Bringing big brother or sister? Please bring snacks or something to entertain them. The session can take an hour or more, and the studio space is small. Littles tend to get curious and antsy while waiting for their turn, and it's difficult for me to keep them away from the studio equipment while focusing on baby safety

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