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What does your online presence say about you?

First Impressions

Most people are searching for services or businesses online. The first point of contact that you'll have with them is your website. Your website should:

  • be mobile friendly
  • be secure
  • be easy to navigate
  • be updated regularly
  • be visually appealing
  • have a way for potential clients to easily reach you
  • show potential clients WHO they'll be working with

That last point is a big one!! People want to work with PEOPLE...someone they feel comfortable with and can trust. A good headshot or group shot can help you with this!

Good Headshot Qualities

  • Well lit
  • Shows your personality & brand
  • Clean and clear of distractions
  • CURRENT (more on that later)
  • Taken by a professional photographer

Why Current?

If you've changed your hairstyle or hair color, have lost or gained weight, shaved off your beard, or aged 10+ years...there will be an immediate disconnect when your client sees you face to face. They may even mention that they didn't recognize you right away from your picture. Has that happened before? Did you wave it off and say "Yeah, I need to get that updated"? Well, now is the time!! You want that client to walk up to you and feel as though they already know you!

How to Prepare for your headshots

  • Wear fitted button down tops, layered with blazers / jackets
  • If wearing a bright or jewel toned top, layer with a darker/neutral jacket or cardigan sweater
  • avoid tightly patterned tops (stripes or herringbone) with strong contrasting colors
  • V-necks are flattering & slimming
  • avoid sleeveless tops/dresses
  • Fitted, non-bulky tops are best
  • Visit my Pinterest page for more ideas

How Much $$$?

Headshot sessions with Shannon Z Photography start at $175 and include two high resolution digital files with commercial license. Additional images are $75 each.

Need your entire office done? No problem!

I can bring a backdrop and lighting to you. Depending on the number of staff you may want to go with my half day or full day rate.

  • Mini brand-me - small business 1-5 employees $350 for 1 hour
  • Up to 3 hours on site - $1000. Includes all digital images
  • Up to 8 hours on site - $2500. Includes all digital images

How Long?

I know you're busy & time is valuable. A basic headshot session at my home studio is about 15 minutes.

For on site, I need about 20-30 minutes to set up. After that, if I can spend at least 5 minutes with each person, that would be great!

You have your choice of natural backdrop (outdoor, or something available on site), or my portable backdrops in marbled blue, solid grey or solid white as pictured below.

Corporate Headshot: Background Samples

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