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bride and groom on a slide at Urban Ecology Center
Make Up Prep: Lipsense Weddings
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Schlitz Nature Center Weddings: Dance Fun
Bouquet Toss: Wedding Day Photos
Elegant Bridal Portrait: Sheboygan
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Wisconsin Wedding Photographer

This variety of wedding portraits summarizes the style and approach I have when capturing your special day.

As you can see, I absolutely love black and white images, as well as vivid color. When editing your photo gallery, I will include both the color version of any photo converted to black and white so that you have both. Although, not all images are converted to black and white.

I am drawn to the more candid and story telling images, but it's also fun to go all out and create something fun with lights and styling. It really depends on the couple and how the day is going, and the vibe I get from them.

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