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Photo and Video: Together or Separate?

Short answer: separate.

Long answer: both.

What I Mean by Both

Your photographer and videographer should be able to work together seamlessly. But that doesn't necessarily mean they need to come from the same company. I'm sure you know two people who can't work together - but do work together?

When hiring a professional whom you trust and feel comfortable with - they should be able to work well with others. That means, other vendors as well. You might have to shop around to find both a videographer and a photographer you click with - and they'll likely come from different companies.

Decide what is your #1 priority - (ahem, photography) - and then ask your professional of choice for referrals. You're far more likely to find a dream team this way, who will not only help make your day feel smooth & relaxed - but will also bring your vision to life the way you hope!

Personally, I do not want to manage another business - and videography is just that. It is not the same as photography, at all.

  • different method of capturing a moment
  • different editing equipment & processes
  • different end product
  • different lighting & working conditions
  • different person operating the camera

I am a one-person operation and I focus 100% on my photography business and serving my clients. It's important that I am able to give extra attention to each client because I ONLY offer photography.

Pros & Cons of Video

On the fence about hiring a videographer? Here are some things to think about....

  • It's a great way to immortalize family members who many not be around for long
  • The short 2 minute teaser clips are super fun to share on social media
  • You get to HEAR the words spoken again...not something you'll have with photos alone
  • If I had to pick a con - it's that you have to have a method to watch the video. With smart devices that's probably not too hard to do. And unless you get a wedding album, you'll also have to do the same with your photos which will likely be in digital format.
  • Most companies charge extra to create the full length video, so you might just end up with all the footage and a completed short teaser or highlights video.

What to do?

Don't fall into the idea that in order to save money, you need to go with a company who offers both video and photo. You can find great photographers and videographers at different price points, and find that you can stay within your budget by going with separate companies. Take your time and do your research.

Additionally, don't think that "It's just easier" to go with one company and write one check. You're still managing the expectations of two 'vendors' providing you with two different products that are very very important to you.

Ask for referrals. Ask your friends who have gotten married, ask other wedding vendors, ask your venue coordinator. Read reviews and schedule consultations. Photographers and videographers are the two "strangers" who will be next to you the entire day. You want to be sure you like them!

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