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Portrait Sessions

We just want digital files so we can print ourselves. Do you do that?

Yes.I have what I consider to be service based sessions. They are priced according to the service and quality of end product you'd like.

Do you do mini sessions?

Once or twice a year, I may advertise for a limited number of time slots for mini shoots. These aren't your typical themed/prop type shoots, rather it's one day of time slots for my regular clients to all come to my home studio and have a short shoot (15-20 minutes) &receive a few digital images. Pricing varies.

Can we just get a few good shots of our family for our Holiday cards?

Yes! That would be best scheduled as a no-frills photo shoot on location or at my home studio.

How much is a photo shoot with you?

This No Frills pricing menu applies to senior portrait sessions, milestone portrait sessions and family portrait sessions. Including extended family shoots. I also offer a more boutique, fine art styled session.

Why such a difference in price?

I believe in the service that I provide. And not everyone wants the same service, or the same product. In an attempt to be as fair as possible, I've created a boutique experience for those who want more specialized images and high-quality end product. My goal is to ultimately put beautiful product in your hands, as opposed to just digitals that may not ever live anywhere other than on your computer. So the no-frills option also provides people with what they want - digital images - but also prints & books with package upgrades.

Do you retouch the images?

I do full retouch on the boutique photo shoots. I strive for perfection in these photos - cleaning up all distractions, full skin retouch, etc. If you purchase a piece of wall art, the intention is that it will be on your wall for many years - I want to give you the best possible product I can. The no frills shoot, is basic editing - minor retouching, color & exposure correction.

What is a documentary family session, or a day in the life session?

I have blogged about these quite a bit, as I'm really passionate about documentary photography. You can read several blog posts about family shoots here.

Do you offer head shot or personal branding shoots?

Yes, these are scheduled for 30 minutes and include 2 high resolution digital files with commercial use license. Personal branding shoots are what I consider to be more in depth and styled. You can find out more on this page here.

Do you offer hair and make up services?

I do have a professional artist I work with who can provide this service for you upon request for your photo shoot.

Do you offer boudoir shoots?

I offer fine art portrait sessions, customized for each client - depending on their vision for how they'd like to be photographed. This may include fine art nude, implied nude or risque portraits. Short answer, yes.

Can you tell me more about the boutique portrait sessions?


I like to have an in person consultation with my clients & whomever they'll be photographed with, before scheduling the photo shoot. My goal is to understand exactly how you want to be photographed, what vision you have for yourself and what you hope to get out of the experience. We will go over ideas for outfits and things you can do to prepare yourself for your photo shoot, as well as view the product that will be available to you at your in person Image Reveal. Then all you have to do is pick a date and time that work best!


When you arrive, we will take a before image and then you will undergo the expertise of our professional hair and make-up team who will help bring your vision to life. I will start to map out the photo shoot based on the outfits that you brought, and walk you through how things will go.

Plan for the entire session to take up to 4 hours. The extent of your hair style and number of outfits can lessen the time.I will then guide you, every step of the way, into poses that will best compliment you and the images that you dreamed of.


Within the weeks following your photo shoot, your images will be individually hand-retouched and printed in preparation for you to see them. We will set up a personal viewing appointment for you to come in and see the results of the magic you helped to create. If you want to bring your significant other to this reveal, you are more than welcome, but please just let me know ahead of time so that they can be educated and prepared on the pricing. Sometimes it's a little overwhelming to learn the prices for the first time at the time of the reveal. You are not expected to purchase anything, so there is nothing to fear. If you love your images, you're going to want to purchase them, and it's my job to take photos of you that you'll love so that you will want to own them all.

Take a peak in my home studio & at some of the wardrobe options here:

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