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When to have Newborn Portraits

Newborn sessions are typically scheduled for the first two weeks after the baby is born. I only take newborns during the week in the mornings, whether we do them in studio, or in your home.

Which brings us to...


My home studio is located in Kenosha, WI. I use mainly natural light, as well as studio lighting, depending on the look you're wanting. With the use of minimal props, we can get a nice variety of images of the baby, your family as a whole as well as baby/parent combinations. I have portable space heaters to bring the temperature up in order to keep baby comfortable during the shoot.

If you are tired, apprehensive about taking the baby out of the house, or simply want an in home lifestyle session, I'm happy to come to you! I can bring a few items (wraps/fabrics) but will mostly use what is available to me in your home to make the shoot as personal & lifestlye like as possible. These are a great way to document the nursery (because it won't be like that forever!) as well as all the teeny tiny details of baby & your new schedule at home. These are the things that we quickly forget as time goes by, and it's a wonderful reminder to look back at these photos in the first few days you had your new bundle home.


I typically schedule an hour to two hours of time for these shoots. If baby is fussy or hungry - then we break to feed & snuggle. And even capture those moments. It's preferred to start the shoot off with baby having a full tummy. If they need a top-off to help them doze off for those sleepy photos, then we can do that right away before starting.

Safety is important! I know there are many posed photos of newborns doing adorable things inside adorable props - but there is a lot of behind the scenes work that goes on in those images. Assistants holding heads up, photoshop to edit said hands out, and training in wrapping/posing/baby whispering. I have always been attracted to minimalist photo sets, focusing more on emotions, details, and natural beauty. Because of this, I will not attempt poses that are unnatural, or put baby inside a bucket or other item that would cause instability for baby's head & neck without support from another person.

When it comes to in home lifestlye sessions - I shoot everything as it unfolds. I will offer direction and ways to prepare for this shoot (ie: decluttering rooms, wearing neutral clothes, etc.) and even do posed set ups in the best light.


Both parents & any children are encouraged to be a part of the shoot. If baby has an older sibling who is under 5 and restless, you're welcome to have someone (perhaps your parents) bring them toward the end of the shoot if you're worried about them being bored - but it's completely your call.


If you're ready to get in touch and discuss ideas and inspiration for your new arrival, please click the button below and complete the contact form! I'll send you pricing & info and we'll get you penciled in on the schedule!

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