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Senior Portrait Sessions in Kenosha, WI

Coming from Canada, I was very confused when I first heard the term senior photography. Because where I come from seniors are literally senior citizens. So it took me a while to wrap my mind around the idea that the graduating class in high school called them selves seniors and it was a huge ordeal to have that photographed! We had graduation pictures at the high school where I came from, and that’s about it.
When I dove into senior portraits, I realized how much easier it was then photographing small children! High school senior students will follow direction, and pretty much do anything I told them to…and holy crap that’s pretty freaking awesome!
My senior photography has evolved quite a bit over the years. Like most photographers, I started with natural light, but when I began to incorporate off-camera lighting to my senior portrait sessions, I created a whole new dynamic and drama to my images. I know that this isn’t something everyone likes, and I am absolutely flexible in the style that I provide for my clients, but I do find especially with senior boys, that dramatic lighting is quite popular.
Having your senior portraits taken by a professional photographer is definitely in investment you want to make sure is well spent. Doing the research to find a photographer who best suits your vision is a must. I definitely recommend having a phone or in person consultation with photographers to make sure that they’re going to be able to produce the images that you want. Your senior year is an important transition in your life and definitely worth documenting!

Senior Pics: Pricing

$350 and is roughly an hour of time with 20+ digital images and printing release.

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