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Frequently Asked Questions: Wedding Edition

Can we print our own photos?

Yes! You’ll receive a print release allowing you to do so. However, I cannot guarantee the same high quality I can when ordered from my professional lab. I recommend using MPIX for the best quality I've found from public labs.

Do we get EVERY SINGLE image you take?

No. Your final image gallery is a carefully curated selection that represents the full story of your wedding day. You will end up with approximately 80 images per hour of coverage.

Do we have to feed you?

Just dinner, if you don’t mind. My assistant and I love to eat quickly while everyone else is eating, so that we don’t miss any events.

Will you travel & is there a fee?

There is no additional fee for travel within 75 miles of Kenosha, WI.

Do you edit the photos?

I correct all final images delivered to you. This means they are properly exposed, have the correct color, and are cropped appropriately.

Converting images to black and white is done at my artistic discretion, and unless the color version cannot be saved, you’ll receive both versions of the image in your final gallery.

Some images may receive artistic filters as well (you will receive both full color & filtered files)

Retouching (editing out tan lines, wrinkles, body swapping, or body modifying) is an additional charge.

How long before we see our photos?

My turnaround time is 2 weeks. Your online ordering gallery will be active with the link emailed to you 2 weeks after your wedding date, and the USB with printing release will be in the mail at that time. Sneak peeks are sometimes available prior to the 2 week time frame.

Do you offer Video Services?

I think a well-executed wedding video is an excellent addition to any wedding day! I've chosen to hone my craft in still photography rather than try to be so-so at both. While I have several people I have worked with and can highly recommend, I strongly urge you to find a photographer you love AND a videographer you love, rather than feeling like you have to settle for a package deal where you may not get exactly what you're envisioning, simply for a slight increase in convenience of booking.

We are all professionals here and I promise I can work well with whoever you choose to document your day through video! Read here about making this decision.

Do you offer wedding albums? How does that work?

Yes, I do. Most of my packages include a photo book. This book is NOT an heirloom album, rather it's a coffee table style book made of faux leather cover and press paper pages (thick card stock type). I include this book because I don't want your digital files to live on the USB/computer forever, and it's a great way to put product in your hands right away. Three weeks following your wedding, I will provide you with a pre-designed layout of your book. You get one round of revisions, and once the layout has been approved, the book is ordered and shipped to you.

What if I want an heirloom type album?

Yes! I would LOVE to provide you with something that will tell the story of your wedding day to generations. The design process is the same, but there are more options available. Please see this blog post for more in depth description of album selections.

Can I order an album or book for my parents?

Yes! Parent books are available with a customized family portrait page. The price for the add-on album is reduced by 25%.

What happens if you're sick the day of the wedding?

I do my best to stay healthy, but sometimes the unforeseeable happens. If, for whatever reason, there was an emergency on the day of your wedding, and I absolutely cannot make it, I will reach out to my network of photographer friends. If none of them are available, I am a member of a group of 1000+ SE Wisconsin photographers who I can reach out to see if anyone would be available. There would be no additional cost to you, and I would handle all the post production of your wedding images.

Is your assistant the same as a second photographer?

No. My assistant's primary job is to make sure that I have everything I need throughout your wedding day to capture the best images possible. This includes carrying & monitoring gear, holding lights, setting up shots, directing guests in & out of photos, etc. If my assistant has shooting capabilities, I will ask them to shoot the ceremony from a different angle than me, and get photos of guests at the reception. But they will not travel to separate locations from me to get shots of your partner getting ready, or the reception decor for example.

Do you offer 2nd photographer services?

Yes! I can hire an experienced photographer to capture a 2nd view of your entire wedding day. This person could even provide getting ready images of your spouse-to-be if it happens to be at another hotel or location. I will still have an assistant with me for the purpose listed above. There is an additional charge of $100/hour for a second shooter.

Can my friend/family member bring their camera and take some candid shots?

I have absolutely no problem with anyone taking photographs at a wedding, whether with a phone, ipad or professional DSLR. However, there are times when it can become an issue.

For example:

  • Guests wanting to get "the shot" and not realizing they're blocking me
  • Guests using flash during the ceremony, not realizing it's against the church rules
  • Most guests are dressed in bright colors - if they move into the aisle to capture parts of the ceremony (specifically the processional) they will become a focal point of the image
  • iPad use during ceremony becomes an obvious distraction to surrounding guests
  • Parents have been known to watch the ceremony through their cell phones - rather than enjoying the moment
  • Aspiring photographers can be a distraction during the wedding party and couple portraits - so I request they do NOT tag along for this part.
  • Guests trying to catch family formals with cell phones or cameras can sometimes confuse the people I'm photographing - and cause them to look at the wrong camera. Guests might ask everyone to 'wait' so they can get the shot. This can be a detraction from our timeline.

I have bad scarring / acne / skin conditions that I'm self conscious about. Can you retouch all the images where it is visible?

This is something that can be done, however, I would definitely outsource it to a service who can better facilitate that due to the time involved. If you only want it retouched out of 1 or 2 images that you'd like to use for thank-you cards or to hang on your wall, I MAY be able to provide that retouch service for you. Costs involved are determined on a case by case basis.

My brother broke up with his girlfriend. Can you edit her out of our family photos?

Typically, in situations like this, I try to take photos of family groupings with and without spouses or partners. Sometimes, that is not your shot list request, or due to time constraints, we only take one full family photo. So, yes, this type of request can be done, but fees involved are on a case by case basis. I would outsource this type of retouching to a professional retouching service.

What if it rains (or other inclement weather condition) on my wedding day?

You still get married, and I still take photos. In all seriousness, my primary objective is to document your day - no matter what is happening. If it rains on your wedding day, then I will absolutely suggest we go outside with an umbrella and get a photo of you in the rain to tell that story. If you planned an outdoor ceremony and you go ahead with it in the rain - I'll be there to capture it. (I have rain gear for my camera). If you are looking for suggestions on how/where to move your ceremony...that is something best discussed with your venue coordinator. As far as photos of the wedding party, etc. that is typically done outdoors, we will just do them indoors! Or...if you're all adventurous - outdoors in the rain/snow/wind. I'm up for anything!

What is your booking & cancellation policy?

Due to the nature of weddings, planning and reserving dates, I require a signed contract and non-refundable retainer of $500 upon booking your wedding date with me. BOTH of these things must take place in order for me to hold your date. This retainer is NOT REFUNDABLE for any reason whatsoever. The balance is due 30 days prior to your wedding date. So many things happen during those last several weeks, and days leading up to your wedding. Having your photography balance paid off is one less stresser to deal with. If you cancel your wedding entirely prior to this 30 day mark, then I'll send you a cancellation contract, and we'll go our separate ways. If you change your date, and I am not available for your new date, again - cancellation contract and part ways. If I am available - we begin the process again with a new reservation deposit & contract for your new date. I do not transfer the reservation retainer to your new date, as chances are, I have turned away multiple opportunities to book your old date, resulting in loss of potential revenue.

What if everything runs late on the wedding day, and we don't have time for photos?

This happens. I totally understand that some things don't go as planned. I've had this happen before, where I only get 5 or 10 minutes of time at different intervals of the day to get photos of the couple and/or wedding party. There is no guarantee of number of images I take, or what images I take. I am there to capture your wedding day as a story, and any chance I have to provide direction to get more 'posed' type shots, I will take it. Sometimes that means pulling you outside for night shots during dinner or after your first dance. Sometimes that means doing wedding party photos in the reception hall 5 minutes before the grand march. If your schedule didn't allow for photo time, or situations beyond our control occur and we CAN'T get couple / wedding party images, you are welcome to schedule a post wedding photo shoot. This would be at an additional charge and scheduled based on my availability.

Do you manage the timeline, or do I?

Three months before the wedding, I will send you a detailed questionnaire asking you for information such as ceremony time, dinner service time, and if you want to go to an alternate location for wedding party photos. Based on this, I will put together a suggested timeline, down to the minute, of how I recommend the day flow. It is entirely up to you to implement this timeline - and most clients do. If you accept the timeline, I will work hard throughout the day to time-manage everyone and keep on track, making suggestions or recommendations along the way if things are going awry.

Family Photos - tell me more about this part of the day.

I HIGHLY recommend that you write down a detailed list of each grouping, by family member names, of all the photos you'd like after the wedding ceremony. In fact, I ask for this during the above mentioned questionnaire. This solves multiple can advise these people prior to the wedding day that they are to remain close by after the ceremony for photos. My assistant or I can call off names, and get through the family photos quickly. You can make sure all important people are photographed with you on your wedding day. HAVING THIS LIST IS A HUGE TIME SAVER. I cannot stress this enough. If you don't have a list, a 15 minute block of time can turn into 45 minutes easily, as we hum and haw about which groupings to do, track down missing family members, and end up getting more photo combinations that necessary because we didn't have an organized list to go off of. If there is no list, I will orchestrate a basic repetoire of poses - roughly 8 combinations - and we'll move on.

Have you shot at my venue? Would you like to meet me there to scout it out?

I have photographed many weddings throughout Wisconsin and Northern Illinois, you can see a list and sample photos here. There are a few that I've been to many times - but please know, that there is not a whole lot of advantage of having worked at your chosen venue before. Scouting out a location before the event day is also not incredibly beneficial. Day light conditions can be different, weather different, set up/decor different. If I'm focused on getting A, B, C photos at A, B, C, locations, I may miss what is actually happening right in front of me. I am a documentary-inspired photographer. I prefer to approach every event & scene as something new and exciting, looking for how I can best tell the story of YOUR moment.

Do you attend rehearsals?

I do not. Due to increased Friday weddings, it's not something I can guarantee I'd have an opening for. I also don't find these to be beneficial to me for the day of, unless you specifically want the rehearsal documented. In this case, there is a fee involved for my time involved with this service.

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