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Kemper Center


6501 3rd Ave Kenosha, WI 53143


Tammy Conforti (262) 925-8043 or email her at



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Venue Highlights

  • 17.5 acres of maintained grounds on the shore of Lake Michigan
  • Gardens & trees
  • Water Fountain Feature
  • Unique Architecture
  • Indoor/outdoor ceremony options
  • same site reception

My Experience

I've photographed several weddings at Kemper Center chapel early in my wedding career. Each one providing a unique experience for me with changing seasons and unique couples adding their own spin to their big day.

The chapel itself is challenging, both with light and architecture when it comes to photography. The dark wood encompasses the interior, providing a little extra work to balance color & light in the final images.

The rear of the chapel has forward facing pews, however as you approach the altar area, the seats face inward toward the aisle right before the large dividing banister and arch.As a photographer, I strive to stay silent and invisible if possible. Soft sole shoes are a must for me - as the sound travels quite will here.With the decorative divider, I'm unable to get very close to the alter without attracting a lot of attention or blocking the views of attending guests.If I'm able, I sometimes leave the side doors open so that I can sneak out into the hall to capture a side shot of the couple as they say their vows. I only get the luxury of capturing this angle from one side - but it is something a little different in a space that is limited with composition options.

Outside is a different story!

With gorgeously kept grounds, gardens and trees, there are quite a few hidden gems when it comes to photo opportunities at Kemper. Not to mention the wide variety of historic buildings with unique architecture points. Stairs, brick buildings, arched tunnel, iron gates, giant mosaic wall, colored doors and Lake Michigan give plenty of options to capture unique photos for several wedding clients. I often try to create something new for each couple, challenging my creativity at the same venue.

The reception can be held in a couple different buildings, depending on the guest count. The larger ballroom is a beautiful space with tall ceilings, a stage for the DJ and/or head table, and a balcony area for additional seating. Bathrooms are on the lower level but it is wheelchair accessible.

Next to the main buildings at Kemper is a large open field - with a gazebo. It's a nice location for outdoor ceremonies. Even further to the south is Anderson Arts Center. As part of Kemper Center, you can also have your wedding reception on the grounds outside of Anderson Art's center. I've photographed a reception here, with an outdoor tent, and a ton of kids! They brought in a bouncy house and plenty of yard games to keep the kids and guests occupied and it was a hit!


Chapel: Built in 1875, this ornate and unique building is gorgeous with wood carved banisters, stained glass windows from Germany and pipe organ features.

It was originally built for the Sisters of St. Mary's and later used for the Kemper Hall Girl's School.

The grounds also is home to the Durkee Mansion - once home to US Senator, Charles Durkee.

On top of the conference center, is the Griffin Observatory used by Carthage College astrology students.

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