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Boudoir PREP!

YES! You're not going to regret doing this! Almost everyone arrives nervous and a little bit afraid. BUT they leave feeling empowered, beautiful and with a smile on their face.

Outfits for Boudoir Shoot

My opinion is this is not a huge deal (read: don't stress out). I'm thinking more about posing, lighting & making you look comfortable & sexy. The outfit is just a bonus! BUT if you're envisioning yourself as a VS model, and want to look like you could be in a lingerie catalog - then hit up Bisou Lingerie and get yourself some PERFECT items for your shoot.

Other great options: Adore Me, Forever 21, and Amazon

> around 3 Bra/panty combinations

>if this is a gift for your partner...bring something they might find super HOT on you

>body suits are flattering & sexy

>Underwear & sheer fabrics can also be super sexy so don't overthink this!

>nude thong (in case you want to use items from my wardrobe)

Boudoir ready Hair & Make-up

If you just want your hair curled or waved, with light makeup and fake lashes - we can do that for you! It's a $50 add-on

This portion of the day is fun. You don't just get here and get naked! Unless of course you decide to come with your hair & make up done already - then we'll go through your outfits, map out your shoot - get excited about how awesome it's going to be and then GET STARTED!!

Skin Care

Moisturize! Don't wear anything restrictive the morning of that might leave lines in your skin. Don't spray tan for the first time ever the day before the shoot. If you look at the photos later and think you look unnatural and weird - it's because you probably did something out of the ordinary. Let's keep it natural and normal, kay??


Clean them, cut them, gloss them. If you want to get a full manicure/pedicure - GO FOR IT! Because you're going to feel like a goddess from head to toe might as well have the nails to match.

Posing for your Boudoir Shoot

Practice in the mirror. I am not kidding. Maybe you already do this?? But if not, start now. Look at yourself naked, in underwear, and start moving. Learn to LOVE the curves of your body. What do you like? What are you nervous about? TALK TO ME! I want to know how you feel about yourself, and I want to reassure you throughout the shoot to make sure you're going to get a gallery of the HOTTEST photos of yourself ever.

When it comes to the shoot itself, I will direct you every step of the way!

Morning Of your Boudoir shoot

Eat, hydrate and don't get stressed out. We will have fun, I promise.

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