Illinois Wedding Photographers: Fall Wedding
Shannon Z Photography

Illinois Wedding Photographers: Fall Wedding

Marriage for the Mature

Getting married later in life - no matter the reason - is still a moment worth celebrating.

I've been blessed with the opportunities to photograph mature clients several times in my 10 year career, and I treat their day the same way I would anyone else.

  • Pre-ceremony portraits
  • multi angles of the ceremony itself
  • family formals
  • couples portraits
  • wedding party photos
  • reception celebration

As with any couple, posing options and direction for portraits is based on what my clients feel comfortable with, what works for their style, and personality.

I find that mature clients, or people planning their second marriage have felt comfortable working with me because they can see the diversity of people in my wedding portfolio. They know that I will capture the best moments of their wedding day, and provide them with memories that they will cherish for many years.

Location: Illinois.

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